Should well-being be part of OD’s portfolio?

Ask ten OD professionals to describe what they do and you’ll get ten different answers. Business interpretations of how the resource works for them varies from industry to industry, even down to location and leadership understanding.

It also depends on whether there are overlapping teams doing similar activities and those instances OD can be seen as ‘fluffy’ or not ‘adding value’.

Over the years I have been broadly involved in OD activities and during that time my portfolio has included:

Leadership and exec development, culture and values, employee engagement,change management and transformatio,communication,talent management, training and development, technological learning, organisation design and workforce planning.

These are just a snap shot of the types of activities an OD professional may get involved in and there are many more.

In recent times I have noticed a shift change in the portfolio to include mindfulness and health and well-being. Mental health awareness days, veganuary and no booze months have encouraged people to think seriously about their health.

We spend such a long time at work that it makes sense for businesses to get involved in supporting employees.

In my opinion this is a well received addition to the skill set of an OD professional. To be able to advise businesses on creating a well-being culture is a privilege.Seeing sickness days reducing shows that there are tangible results linked to this topic.

However, it does require further training and development of OD professionals to support organizations in this field