Body image

Society creates unreasonable perceptions of body image and we grow up thinking we should look a particular way. Body image and perception is an ego state and is influenced by the external world. The media, magazines, social media and that spills out into society. People grow up and live thinking their body is not perfect. The perfect body doesn’t exist. Striving for a utopia is difficult to achieve and maintain and that in itself causes more distress. We all come in all shapes and sizes so who cares what others think?

Healthy bodies, healthy minds is something I advocate.

I spent most of my teen years through to early twenties suffering from some type of eating disorder. I was either starving myself or binge eating and puking the remains up. It became part of my daily life. It gripped me and I found it hard to re-programme.

I’m no stranger to therapy and having being on the receiving end of it on and off for most of my life, I feel in a position to support others. Obviously I’ve re-trained in order to do this.

For most people they have a desired state. I’m not going to spend a long time talking on this subject as there is so much information out there it can be overwhelming. Eating a healthy balanced diet is the goal for most people.

Our relationship with food and in some instances alcohol is very emotional. In hypnotherapy we look at working with the subconscious mind to break down the emotional relationship with food; whether that be overeating or under eating or drinking too much. We combine this with psycho-education (information on diet and exercise from credible sources). We also look at a healthier lifestyle overall, incorporating exercise into your routine. I personally prefer to talk about health rather than weight.

All scripts are tailored towards the individual’s needs. When dealing with an eating disorder, a GP report is required in order not to conflict with existing therapy.