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Supporting your personal healing journey

Female Hypnotherapy Patient

Hypnotherapy treatments

Lisa qualified at the London school of clinical hypnotherapists with a Diploma in clinical hypnotherapy and is a member BSCH.
She offers range of one off sessions or therapy programmes

As a specialist in anxiety and stress management Lisa look’s for the underlying causes.

She is one of the few people who focus on support on overcoming the after affects of domestic abuse- particularly coercive control. and narcissistic abuse. Using a range methods to guide clients through the healing process.

Core focus is on the following therapies:

Stress and anxiety relief

Overeating and weight management 


Past life regression 

Specialist therapies:

Overcoming narcissistic abuse and coercive control

Trauma recovery (specialising in domestic abuse therapy)

Stress, Anxiety, panic attacks

Insomnia,disrupted sleep patterns

Children victims of domestic abuse

Pain management 

* safeguarding certified and DBS full disclosure available

Image by Sydney Sims

1to1 counselling support for domestic abuse or trauma survivors

 Expert Guidance

As someone who understands coercive control I can identify with the complexities that come with both emotional and physical abuse. I am able support,guide and signpost you in any stage of your healing journey. 

Abuse can take many different forms and every situation is unique, however, there are some common signs of abuse you may well recognise belittling, violent outbursts,social isolation, financial control, gaslighting,

My approach:

– 1to1 therapeutic conversation

– 1to1 support and advise on safe action planning

– Relaxation techniques and help in creating healthy emotional barriers 

– Texts or email support between sessions

– Dealing with the aftermath of abuse and moving forward with your life

– Support for children in creating positive boundaries 

Hypnotherapy and counselling: Services
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